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GFP is partner of SCOUPY. For the Netherlands SCOUPY is a well known brand where consumers can upload their receipt in the SCOUPY-app and receive up to 100% cashback on purchased A brands within two days.

For countries besides the Netherlands we also offer our expertise in a white label solution.
Cashback integrated in your own app? That’s possible.

We’ll integrate it completely full service in your corporate identity and we’ll also take care of the clearing of all the incoming receipts including the communication with your customers.

This will entice your client to use your app more frequently and to purchase more from your brand and/or from your store. Hereby your customer simultaneously feels rewarded for being your loyal consumer, make them use your app more frequently, spend more and return to the store more often.

Besides the cashback toolbox we also offer a mobile reward system. Why not give your customers mobile loyalty points every time they visit your store? This we also manage from start till finish. Including the clearing of receipts and communication! Due to our vast and long term experience we can offer to manage and realize both the content and technical requirements.


Our Cashback technology integrated in your app.

We can simply integrate our cashback technology into your existing app. We’ll also check the receipt and do the cashback payments and communication to your customers. Full service!

Loyalty and reward points

A Brand new technology: rewarding consumers with points for every time they buy something in your store.

Consumers upload their receipt and get rewarded with points which they can use to buy with big discounts. We can integrate this into your app. Also the points are a fantastic tool to get more loyalty from your customers.

Make them use your app more frequently, spend more and come back more often to your store.



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Mobile Media


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