CoupOnLine is a Web2Print discount application, which various companies provide to their customers in each company’s corporate identity. These selected customers receive a personal login code for CoupOnLine, where they can then select six discount coupons entitling them to a discount or a free sample or product. In this way, you can let the customers choose for themselves! The selected coupons are sent directly to the customers at home, designed in your own house style and printed on 200 gram luxury FSC paper. It is a unique Web2Print application that is easy to adjust to the wishes of any organization.

CoupOnLine is profitable in several ways. First, you make your customers happy with the coupons and they will therefore be happy with you. In exchange, the customers provide you with interesting information on their preferences. You can then use this information to get to know and understand your customers better. The CoupOnLine programme is also a very strong lead generator. Prospects can be led through the system easily and have to enter their details in order to be able to complete the transaction.

CoupOnLine is used in different ways and through various channels.