GFP is market leader in the development and production of loyalty discount programs in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1997 as a provider of print discount concepts, with the ‘discount diary’ (more info below) as its most famous and prominent product.

Over the past two decades, GFP has transformed itself into an all-round multimedia company. In addition to print GFP now has several online and mobile solutions in its portfolio (e.g. SCOUPY, a mobile app offering a simple cashback solution).  

All solutions/ loyalty programs can be custom designed for clients. As GFP is a full-service bureau, it can take care of the entire process, from producing content to the printing and distribution.

The Discount diary
The discount diary is a diary full with discount coupons for popular leisure activities such as amusement parks, zoo’s, special restaurants and various sports and relaxing activities.

It has proven to be a brilliant concept for all parties involved: a great information and raised brand awareness and appreciation vehicle for the client, an excellent lead generator for the partners and a luxurious, fun and easy to use daily diary offering attractive discounts to its users.

For this reason, the Dutch Postcode Lottery has been giving it as a present to its members since 2006. With a circulation of more than 2,7 million copies each year, the Dutch Postcode Lottery Discount Diary (Nationale Postcode Loterij Voordeelagenda) has become a household name in The Netherlands.